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Understanding Financial Accounting: You Are Not Alone

At Cook Martin Poulson, we know that running your own business is a lot of work. Being a business owner is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things that you can take on in this world.


William Lewis

"They exceeded my  expectations."

We strive to provide recent and relevant information to our clients so that they can make informed decisions about their business operations, including everything from general accounting to payroll remittance. We help business owners plan every aspect of their business from startup accounting to succession planning.

We’ve put together a valuable guide to help you understand financial accounting and how it can be used in your business for 2019 and beyond. 


Charlotte Cantwell

"They save me time and energy, which is invaluable to me."

As a business owner, you will need to have at least a basic understanding of how financial accounting can help - or hinder - your business.

This FREE Financial Accounting Guide offers business owners information to help understand:

  • Accounting on a cash basis and accrual basis
  • Cash and profits
  • How to spend your cash and profits
  • Asset acquisition and depreciation

 Regardless of the stage of business operations you are currently in, this guide will help you understand important aspects of financial accounting. Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you the FREE Financial Accounting Guide for Businesses


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